Classica et Christiana, 17/2, 2022 / 677

Alice BORGNA (Università del Piemonte Orientale),
Augusto e la figura dello statista nelle Storie Filippiche di Pompeo Trogo [Augustus and the figure of the statesman in the Historiae Philippicae of Pompeius Trogus]

Keywords: Justin, Pompeius Trogus, Historiae Philippicae, Alexander, Augustus.

Abstract: Augustus and the figure of the statesman in the His­to­riae Philippicae of Pompeius Trogus. The paper deals with the figure of the ideal ruler as he appears in Pompeius Trogus. Despite Justins’ cuts, the text allows us to reconstruct the characteristics of this ideal statesman: being a monarch, being endowed with moderation, refraining from a sterile aggressive foreign policy, giving a lot of value to the mos maiorum, and always setting a good example. In this sense, Alexander is the negative example while Augustus is the positive one.


DOI: 10.47743/CetC-2022-17.2.677