Classica et Christiana, 17/2, 2022 / 641

Daniel NIȚĂ-DANIELESCU (Faculty of Orthodox Theology, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi),
Some Thoughts on the Relevance of the Translation of Theodoret of Cyrus’ Church History by the Metropolitan Priest Veniamin Costachi

Keywords: Theodoret, Veniamin, metropolitan, classical, Erbiceanu, Si­bies­cu.

 Abstract: In 1845, when he was retired in Slatina monastery, not long be­­fore passing away, Veniamin Costachi, the Metropolitan of Moldavia and Su­ceava, translated into Romanian the book Church History by Blessed Theodoret of Cyrus, following the Greek text edited by Evghenie Vulgaris. Later, in 1894, Pro­fes­sor Con­stantin Erbiceanu printed Veniamin’s translation, preferring it due to the trans­la­tor’s “great fame” and in order to “preserve the appreciated effort among the Ro­ma­nians.” In the second half of the twentieth century, the same reasons were also taken into account by the publisher who proposed to reproduce Theodoret’s text “in the current Romanian language”, but he insisted on pointing out the fact that “he humbly shows his respect and admiration for the great Mol­da­vian Metropolitan and scholar /Veniamin Costachi – n.n./, who made this trans­lation and brought in his time a priceless benefit to the Romanian theo­lo­gi­cal culture”.


DOI: 10.47743/CetC-2022-17.2.641