Classica et Christiana, 17/2, 2022 / 609

Claudia TĂRNĂUCEANU (Centre d’Études Classiques et Chrétiennes, Université « Alexandru Ioan Cuza » de Iași),
Observations sur quelques aspects stylistiques et syntaxiques dans Iulii Obsequentis Prodigiorum Liber: modèles classiques et innovations tardives [Observations on some stylistic and syntactic aspects in Iulii Obsequentis Prodigiorum Liber: classic models and late innovations]

Keywords: Obsequens, prodigies, „verbal” hyperbatum, stylistic figures.

Abstract: Observations on some stylistic and syntactic aspects in Iulii Obsequentis Prodigiorum Liber: classic models and late in­no­va­tions. Prodigiorum liber, a late Latin text with a “technical” character (an inventory of prodigies), is not entirely devoid of stylistic figures. Syntactic dis­lo­cations usually have a pragmatic role, but, sometimes, especially under the clas­si­cal influence, an ornamental one. Unlike other disjunctions, the “verbal” hyper­ba­tum is much rarely used in this work and its presence draws our attention, being a surprising stylistic subtlety for a non-literary text belonging to Late Antiquity.


DOI: 10.47743/CetC-2022-17.2.609