Classica et Christiana, 17/2, 2022 / 555

Patrizia MASCOLI (Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro),
Le lettere commendaticiae in Sidonio Apollinare tra vita quotidiana e impegni istituzionali [Sidonius Apollinaris’s letters of recommendation between everyday life and institutional commitments]

Keywords: Sidonius Apollinaris, bishop, defender of Gaul, com­men­da­ti­ciae epistles.

Summary: Sidonius Apollinaris’s letters of recommendation bet­­ween everyday life and institutional commitments. The bishop who in the 5th century Gaul was no longer just the spiritual guide of his community, in fact assumed a function of great political and moral importance in the government of the civitas to the point of playing an an­ta­go­nistic role towards the new conquerors. The letters of recommendation and cor­res­pon­dence of Sidonius Apollinaris deal with issues that pertain to daily life, to the election of other clerics as bishop, to the conflicts with other religious groups, to questions of a moral na­ture, to family matters and judicial cases, to requests for protection and assis­tance to citizens.


DOI: 10.47743/CetC-2022-17.2.555