Invitation Spring Seminar International Students of History Association 10-14 April, Belgrade


From 10 to 14 April 2024, our Spring Seminar will take place in Belgrade, Serbia. ISHA, the International Students of History Association, is an academic non-profit youth organisation by and for students. ISHA’s mission is to facilitate international exchange between students of the historical sciences: not only to come into contact with each other but also to allow cooperation, intercultural learning and knowledge transfer across all study levels from the Bachelor to the PhD. The main activities of ISHA are international seminars as well as (digital) training sessions.

The ISHA Spring Seminar will be organised by ISHA Belgrade, and is dedicated to the topic Places of Memory – Where the past becomes the bridge for the future. The participation fee of €80 includes accommodation, meals and the full program from 10 to 14 April. The seminar consists of an academic program with workshops and presentations to be delivered by all participants; a cultural program with a guided historical city tour and a day trip to cultural heritage sites Golubac fortress and Viminacijum; and social networking activities in the evenings.

The application period for the seminar starts on February 5th and it lasts until February 25th. To apply, candidates are required to submit a motivational statement and an abstract to the workshop of their choice via the application form. Five workshops are available: (1) Remembering Fallen Empires, (2) Remembering Victims, (3) Remembering Friendships and Alliances, (4) Monuments in the Eyes of Contemporaries and (5) the open topic PhD Workshop (open to early career researchers and master students exploring the option to pursue a PhD). More details on the event itself, the preliminary schedule and the application process are explained in detail on ISHA Belgrade’s website

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